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I've been part of other fibro communites -- not just LJ, but other online and 3D fora dedicated to the disease. And I noticed an inevitable trend: we hurt and we want others to know we hurt so that we can commiserate about the hurt. This community, however, is different.

What I envision here is people posting ways in which they're conquering the effects of fibro in every aspect of their lives. It can be small things or large things, thinks that help one aspect or many aspects. Exercises, supplements, medicatons, doctors, research, articles, etc, are all welcome here. But this is not the place to post just to say "I hurt." We all hurt. What we need are ways to focus on the positive things we can do to ameliorate that hurt, that pain.

I'd love to have co-mods as well, though the community membership and posting are (currently) unmoded. Mods would be primarily to keep things on topic (broad as it is) and to put out fires, should any erupt. Please comment or message me to let me know what you'd like to see and whether you think you'd be interested in helping put this comm together.

Join in and post away!
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