Apr. 25th, 2011

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So I've let this community flounder. I guess I had a bit of a negative experience with another community owner right at the beginning, but hey, that was 2009 and we're obviously knee-deep-and-sinking into 2011.

I intend to resurrect this community and, I hope, provide useful information along the way. I'll just pause here to say that I'll be looking for other maintainers/moderators to help keep things going once they get get going. If you feel like that's something you'd be interested in, kindly shoot me a message and we'll talk.

I'm also going to re-jig the profile a bit. From the looks of it, it originally looks like I intended to disallow any talk of the bad days of fibro -- and that's not at all my intent. I just hope that the information sharing done here will lead to lives lived more fully and, I hope, with less pain.

Neither I nor any of the other members have license to dispense medical advice in this forum - and none acting as such will be tolerated. Nothing you read here is a substitute for actual medical attention. But I hope that what you will find here will be information you can put to use to evaluate ways in which you might live your life with less pain. Discussing the efficacity of a medication or treatment in regards to your own experience is absolutely fine. Telling others what they must or must not do, seek or try is not. This is a place to exchange ideas, not to issue edicts.

So, with that, I guess this shindig is read to go. Feel free to jump in immediately.


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