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Things are a bit quiet around here, so I thought I would post a list (I like lists) of things that are making my life easier right now.

1) Audiobooks. They're great for when I'm too tired or sore to hold a book, or when I'm feeling particularly light-sensitive and just need to shut my eyes but don't want to sleep. I had my doubts at first, because I've always been a fast reader (and never wanted my parents to read to me) but now I'm really enjoying them. I have a headphone splitter, so my partner can listen alongside me if she likes. We are currently listening to Trickster's Queen by Tamora Pierce, and it is awesome.

2) My showerseat. I have a walk-in shower, and find it a bit overwhelming at times, so the seat makes the whole process a bit easier. Good if you tire easily or get dizzy, and it makes the whole towelling off malarky a lot less strenuous as well. It's also good if you shave your legs, because trying to do that standing up is just not fun.

3) My plug-in vibrating heated pillow. It's white and fluffy and is good working out stiffness around the back of my neck and my shoulders although I'd really like a bigger one for my thigh muscles.

4) Wheat-filled heatpacks. My partner made me two and they are amongst my prized possessions. They're softer and more flexible than a hot water bottle and exert a different kind of pressure to the vibrating pillow, and they are particularly helpful for jaw pain, I have found.

5) Sweet, sweet codeine. It is the drug of the gods. Or at least, the drug that stops my head falling off.
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